Scott's Pledge to You

Serving on the Council is a privilege, and I take my Council work very seriously.  People have different ideas, and I listen carefully when assessing issues before the Council.  I remain committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of Everett’s citizens and taxpayers.  I want Everett to avoid experiencing serious budget and safety issues, like so many other cities currently face. It is also important to me to proactively and thoughtfully address the social issues we are facing such as homelessness. The Everett Council must keep its eye on the ball, and make certain we continue to maintain the City’s essential services, and to protect our neighborhoods, residents, youth and those who are most vulnerable.


business_issues.jpgCreating and retaining family wage jobs.

Job creation and retention in Everett continues to be my top priority.  

City government must play a key role in expanding public/private partnerships to expand family wage job opportunities, acquiring the necessary funding to continue the expansion of Washington State University's branch campus in Everett, continue to develop our economic development plan around the creation of new living wage jobs, while working with the Economic Alliance of Snohomish County and other parties to attract employers who desire to relocate their companies within the Puget Sound area, and specifically to Everett.

Using our tax dollars wisely.

I know that your tax dollars are hard-earned.  It is imperative to use those dollars thoughtfully and with attention to openness and transparency in the decision-making process.  

That's why with every budget decision, I work hard to ensure that the city lives within it's means. This budget cycle, I advocated and provided strong support for a responsible operating budget including building reserves, long range capital planning for infrastructure investments throughout the City, prudent use of taxpayer dollars, and avoiding deficit spending. 

doorbell_issues.jpgProtecting our most vulnerable. 

With declining city revenue, it is critical to maintain a high level of emergency life-saving medical, police, and fire services to protect our seniors, children, and families.  

During my term on Everett City Council, I've been proud to support public safety initiatives such as the designation of specific areas as Alcohol Impact Areas with the purpose of making it more difficult to purchase low cost/high alcohol context beverages, the Ordinance providing law enforcement with additional authority to respond to panhandling issues throughout Everett, and diversion programs to keep low level offenders our of jail and on work crews. 

In 2017, I will be working diligently on a plan to restructure the Snohomish County Health District to assure its financial sustainability and ability to fulfill its purpose of educating, treating, and serving county residents.  County health services are a critical piece of the puzzle in ensuring that everyone has access to basic care.

sitting_issues.jpgCaring for our public spaces. 

Our local parks and recreation areas are a valuable jewel and community resources, which must be maintained.  

During my tenure on the Council, I've advocated for maintaining these essential City spaces and worked with the Everett Parks Department, Port of Everett, and private developers to find more opportunities to develop public spaces and access.  One successful example are the parks and walking trails now required by the Council in the development plan at the Riverfront residential community now under construction.  

As a City Councilmember and as the Council Liaison to the Parks Board, I've also been a proud proponent of maintaining essential City resources such as the neighborhood parks, recreation programs, youth and adult fields and facilites, Everett Transit, the Senior Center, neighborhood funding, and the Animal Shelter.